We, at Asheeme Exports, have been giving trustworthy consideration in determination of new fittings and top notch cowhides for all our completed merchandise. Every single finished result of our own, mirrors the inventive thoughts that we use to consolidate and gather distinctive materials from everywhere throughout the world. Just the best handpicked determination of calf cowhide which we import from Argentina are utilized in assembling of every one of our items. The kind of cowhides we generally use are normal and engineered. In common calfskin additionally we utilize Vegetable Tanned and Chrome tanned and a wide assortment of printed and redressed grain cowhides.


Our innovative work group is persistently looking for new thoughts in this style cognizant industry. Our in-house configuration group comprises of qualified creators who are best in industry and have worldwide presentation. We have contracted driving fashioners who have a talent of mixing Indian sensibilities with contemporary translation impeccably to make new accumulations each season that are shown at different public expos. The entire group of architects approach craftsmanship in another and invigorating route with their inventive thoughts and novel artfulness.



We utilize the most recent generation innovation and machines from Italy, Germany, China and India to make artful culminations at our production line.

Our exceptionally prepared and devoted work power of around 300 gifted laborers together with 30 professionals, architects and merchandisers produce around 15,000 – 20,000 pieces lash products, 400-500 bits of seats and 4500 bits of boots every month. Every one of our items are made with reasonable and moral work rehearses. Our position has dependably been that there is no arrangement of any tyke work in the association in consistence with the authoritative arrangements under Indian law and in social consistence with all EU-guidelines.